2016 Main

Residential units range from 283 to 4,020 square feet. Building services provided to all units include electricity, a chilled water air conditioning system, ‘basic cable’ television by Comcast with package upgrades available at bulk price discounts, and High Speed Internet access through Delos Internet. Access to both the 2016 Main Condominium residential tower and its garage parking is by a controlled access card system. Assigned parking spaces, typically one per unit, are established in the deed that is specific to each unit. Short-term parking for guests and vendors is available. Residents can also obtain low-cost gate-controlled surface level parking under the Pierce Elevated. A small storage unit located in a garage area is assigned to most residential units. The Sixth Floor Skyline Room and its service area for food and drink preparation is an amenity available to residents. It accommodates 50 for formal dinners and up to seventy-five persons when set in a traditional meeting style. A separate Executive Conference room inside the Skyline Room accommodates up to ten attendees, or it may be utilized as a staging area for larger events. Wedding receptions, 50th Anniversary dinners, baby showers, and holiday parties are just a few of the events residents have hosted. The Skyline Room with its floor to ceiling glass walls provides event guests with an unmatched view of the Downtown Skyline!

Available Homes